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Image of Ms. Yvette smiling and text.

extraordinary blessing to be cherish

Short-tempered, uncautious of the words coming out of my mouth, and immediately reacting to everything with defensive or offensive words. These describe who I was before knowing him, my mentor. A Korean Pastor and a founder of an organization that ministers Filipino blind. Finding a Blessing “ I want to be a blessing to everybody,… Continue Reading extraordinary blessing to be cherish

Image of Ms. Maricris smiling and text.

My Most Treasured Rosary

It is undeniable that here in our country, we give so much importance to education. Our parents would always remind us how finishing school will have a great impact on our future. Of course, one of the important factors of a great education is the teacher. I’m sure that everyone here has their own story… Continue Reading My Most Treasured Rosary

Image of Mr. Remir and Ms. Rowena

My Small & Wengcredible Teacher

Charles F. Glassman once said, “A genuine teacher does not seek to impress you with their greatness, but instead to impress upon you that you possess the skills to discover your own” Amidst the excitement and shrills of the crowd, this thought came to mind. I was inside a jam-packed auditorium, not for anything else,… Continue Reading My Small & Wengcredible Teacher

college graduation photo of Carol Catacutan

Prof. Miranda, my Chemistry Professor

It was 9:30 Am and I am 30 minutes early for my Chemistry class. I was already a graduating student of AB European languages from the University of the Philippines but I needed to complete my general education subjects in Science. I did not go straight to my classroom on the second floor. Instead, I… Continue Reading Prof. Miranda, my Chemistry Professor

Cover image of Basic ICT for SPED teacher training.

Basic ICT for SPED Teachers training Announcement

Attention: SPED teachers, Regular Teachers, ALS Teachers, School Principals working for the blind You’re invited to attend the: What: FREE TRAINING ON WINDOWS BASIC ICT FOR  TEACHERS (using assistive technology) When: May 20-24, 2019, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Where: Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Valenzuela Campus, McArthur Highway, Karuhatan, Valenzuela City Registration… Continue Reading Basic ICT for SPED Teachers training Announcement

Image of Mr. Antonio Llanes Jr in the Asia Foundation publication about CfC Reform Story 10_Fully Abled Nation Making Elections More Inclusive.

Let the PWD Voice be Heard; Vote on May 13!

Credits to the Asia Foundation. Image taken from their publication about CfC Reform Story 10_Fully Abled Nation Making Elections More Inclusive! Let us exercise our right to vote and elect the leaders who will be part of our cause. Let us actively participate and not be content as observers only. We have provided an accessible… Continue Reading Let the PWD Voice be Heard; Vote on May 13!

Image of Jan Lance Domingo in action.

Here are some testimonies from our past trainees

by Lance Domingo, DLT Trainee, Feb. to March 2019 “Thank you for accepting me as part of your community. I met many wonderful people. For the longest time, I feel I belong here. ATRIEV is the best school I’ve ever been to. No bully, no discriminations and most important of all, the people here are… Continue Reading Here are some testimonies from our past trainees

Photo of Ms. Mariecell Fornis

Rated K Episode “Ako ang Mata Mo, Ikaw ang Paa Ko”

Congratulations and best wishes to Mariecell fornis, the ATRIEV Student of the Year in 2006, for tieing the knot in March 27, 2019 with Mr. Jerome Esguerra. Your ATRIEV family wishes both of you many years of blissful marriage and true happiness as husband and wife.

Image of Ms. Jaelene Cristel Mina smiling and text.

Find the Value of Life

2X2 + 5X – 3 = 0 Gosh! That’s an algebraic equation. I dislike math; I dislike numbers and I’m not good at solving arrhythmic equations, especially when the teacher is not that willing to assist a visually impaired student like me. What the teachers usually do was to point on the board and say,… Continue Reading Find the Value of Life

Image of ICS Summer 2019

ICS Summer 2019 Announcement

Nakapasa ka ba sa ATRIEV’s Access Technology in Popular Applications, PC Operations with Access Technology, o Digital Literacy Training programs? Gusto mo bang matutong gumawa ng website? Invited ka na mag-join sa 40-day training ng Intro to Computer Science. Dito ka matututo mag-develop ng web pages at mag-audit ng accessibility ng website’s. Hindi lang ‘yan,… Continue Reading ICS Summer 2019 Announcement